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World Meditation Ensemble


World Meditation Ensemble  
Selected by NARAS members for consideration
for Grammy Award Nominations. 
Promote peace with this extraordinary tour of world sacred sounds. Exotic voices, mantras, indigenous naturescapes, tranquil serenity, passionate tribal trance rhythms & more.  An imaginative & respectful tribute to traditions of spirit and culture worldwide.  Premium length (67 minutes) recording of over 300 instruments and 23 voices in 17 interconnected  sojourns.


World Meditation Ensemble  



Imaginatively interpreted world sacred sounds, music, mantras & more. 67 minutes, 1000 sounds, 300 voices; World sacred and original music from world cultures. From India, Africa, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Pacific and Asia, plus naturescapes.


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1. Call of the Wild
2. Six Directions
3. Yaravi
4. Whenua Waves
5. Heart of the Buddha
6. Veni, Sancte Spiritus
7. Mokshamu
8. Sacred Sojourn
9.  Ave Maria
10. She Walks Through the Ayre
11. Kanzeon Bosatsu
12. Bismillah
13. Haq Allah
14.  Sarasvati
15. Dreamtime
16. Yo Way
17. Niggun



Sarve Shaam * listen here!
2. Dzavadzimu
3. Moon of India
4. Guedra
5. Waterlight
6. Dharma Dawn
7. Oceana
8. Ancient Whispers
9.  Sakura
10. Ayer's Awakening
11. Kadosh
Aum Infinitum  * listen here!


“Amazing depth and breadth. Extraordinarily eclectic, yet connected."

   World Sacred Music Festival

“Catapults this international Top 50 downloaded group to full international status.   Takes off where Sacred Fusion left off and goes the extra mile."

   TE, Holistic Practitioner and Multi-Denominational Minister

"Music can heal. The collection of instrumental and vocal pieces offered in this album take you on tour of many sacred traditions, all speaking about connection to the one source, and our connection to each other.

Throughout the world, drums, stringed and wind instruments, and voice carry the messages of our hearts. The thread woven into the drumming rhythms of Native American dances can be heard again in the Aboriginal Dreamtime. We need to listen to more of this inspiration, not to the evening news." 

  Suzan G, Seattle

"Soulful musical mastery."

LT, Transformational Psychologist


"SACRED FUSION is soulful musical mastery.   I was awed by its arrangement of sound and its ability to close the gap of diverse culture musical perspectives, bringing the sounds of the world together.   It inspires the "wholeness concept," bringing the mind-body-spirit into oneness with the use of rhythms and vibrations.  To promote activation of both sides of the brain simultaneously is not easily done with sound - but this fusion makes that happen in a sacred and honoring way.    Remarkable."

 Laura T, BA, MAc, CCH
Transformational Psychologist

"An unbelievable experience in sound and emotion with unexpected delights..."

  JS,  Mother of Three & Business Owner.

"Sacred Sojourn is an audible prayer that moves you deeply. It is rhythmic and profound. I was transported to a holy place while listening to sounds both deeply familiar and totally new. You will feel this music more than just hear it. Relax and enjoy!"

  Jon G., Travel RN, Costa Rica


Music of Native North & South America, Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe 
Salish, Maori, Buddhist, Shinto, Christian, Hindu, Celtic, Islamic, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Jewish, Incan & more.  
Transports you to traditions of indigenous peoples, deep transformational tranquility and passionate tribal trance rhythms... 
Well suited for deep meditation as well as invivication. This CD weaves textured tapestries of spiritual sound that gently takes you on an odyssey of indigenous sacred music and peaceful soundscapes to ever-deepening realms of tranquility and peace for meditation, followed by gently uplifting and grounding the listener with increasing rhythmic elements and accelerando.  
Ancient Instruments * Stark Simplicity to Lush Orchestrations * Fe/Male Vocalists * Flutes, Keyboards, Guitars, World Percussion, Reeds, Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Strings, Naturescapes, Gregorian Chant, Infinite Aumic Choir, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Gongs, Overtone Singing, and much more. 
* Neo-Fusion of Imaginatively Interpreted World Sacred Sounds, Music, Mantras and More
* 67 minutes * 1000 Sounds * 300 Voices
* Sacred spirit and original music from around the world
* Guests include: Shamans NADA NAGA (Netherlands), LAMA KUNGA (Nepal), DAVID HYKES (France)
* Included: India * Africa * Australia * Europe * Asia * Pacific * Middle East
* Proceeds after costs benefit essential blindness prevention surgeries
* No English lyrics

5 Instrumentals * Tibetan singing bowls and Planetary tuned Gongs Transcend Time * Shona Mbira Music * Dreamtime Sounds * Ancient Instruments * Infinite Aumic Choir * 2 Sacred Texts * 2 Sounds of Planetary Origin * Sparse Japanese Poetry * Lush & Deep Sanskrit Mantra

Hindu, Shona, Morrocan, Tibetan, Buddhist, Middle Eastern, Tahitian, Japanese, Aboriginal and others included.

Well suited for meditative environments, body-workers, and an oasis of inner tranquility, this CD gently provides an ever-deepening framework for volitional altered consciousness. Extraordinary in its production, breadth and depth.

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World Meditation Ensemble is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization that welcomes spiritually-oriented collaborations, interest, and support.