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WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE supports a more just, verdant and peaceful world.  We do this by researching, documenting and performing sacred music from all world traditions. WME is committed to promoting understanding, compassion and tolerance among all people, by creating awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures with music that celebrates the universality of humankind and all sentient beings.   We honor all compassionate and tolerant paths.

World Meditation Ensemble contributes to many service organizations. Recently we discovered that 6 of the poorest counties in the U.S. contain the homes of Lakota children in need. We donate to them, as well as to the Muscular Dystrophy Society, Food for Homeless, medical care for children with cleft palates, nature defense and more.  We encourage you to do the same.

Current beneficiaries include:

Dreams of Hope for the Lakota Children

World's leading charity in the treatment of children
around the world who are born with cleft palates.

Feeding Seattle's hungry and homeless.


Campaigning on behalf of North America's endangered
wildlife & wilderness.

SIERRA CLUB  - protecting our shared environment.






Visit MUSIC above for more information on Sacred Fusion and Sacred Sojourn.
Seattle's WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE is an imaginative and respectful tribute to traditions and culture worldwide. The all-volunteer organization promotes peace with cohesive celebration of the commonality of human spirit. Programs and activities are based on the premise that compassionate global community is possible.
Our recordings create funding for American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, SEVA (Sanskrit for "Service") Foundation, which trains midwives, saves the sight of children, and more for Native Americans, and those in Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania, and Tibet.
Excerpt from the World Meditation Ensemble Mission Statement:  "We collaborate in partnerships to perform, document and teach sacred and meditational music from around the world. We work towards ending needless suffering, forging solutions with others that are sustainable and which honor local cultures and traditions.
"We move with the wisdom of communities who know what is needed to preserve their dignity, health and traditions. The heart of compassion links us in service to each other."
WME's award-winning Director has successfully led the group since 2001 in its nearly 200 concerts in sacred and secular spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Tens of thousands have been touched by the recorded music of WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE, as shown by the high ratings achieved on international charts.

Nominated 2005, 2006, and 2010 for the SEATTLE MAYOR'S ART AWARD, WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE has performed for the benefit of Seattle Public Parks, King County Libraries, community events, and many churches, synagogues, temples, sacred groves, and a monastery.

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Our lives are breathing through the sounds we make and hear.
We invite you to join with us in unity of spirit,
expressed through music, and in appreciation of beauty shared by
people of diverse spiritual paths.




"Just imagine living in a place where we can live as one
Faith and trust and life without borders
Peace for everyone.
Calling out to all of God's children, just need to understand
War has never been a solution
Let's embrace our fellow man.

Now's the time to bring the world together
We're not leaving anybody out.
Love is what we need now more than ever
Christian, Buddhists, Hebrew, Islamic
Doesn't matter what you are.
All we're asking for is compassion
There is room for everyone."

... lyrics from "Interplanetary Party"
written by Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson, Tony Lindsay 

Re-printed with kind permission from Carlos Santana.


All major religions and spiritual paths carry the messages of love, mercy, and forgiveness, and have the intention to make us better human beings by teaching us to be more compassionate and forgiving.  Tolerance and forgiveness reflect  understanding of the value of another’s rights and views.  WME members strive to become better human beings in order to be of service to others.





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You are listening to a sampling of World Meditation Ensemble's "Sarve Shaam" from the Sacred Fusion CD.


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