"On behalf of Seattle Parks and Recreation and Seattle Center, I warmly and wholeheartedly thank World Meditation Ensemble for their fine musical contribution and partnership in the December 2005 Winter Solstice Celebration at Seattle Center's International Fountain.
World Meditation Ensemble was a fine collaborator and artistic partner. The worked well with all elements of our complex production, continually seeking to optimize and enhance the experience for all. Their music was well received and reinforced our thematic story. In our fourth year, the event has reached a new zenith of meaning and richness, a result of the contributions of many, especially World Meditation Ensemble. Our event was witnessed by over 1,000 viewers who enjoyed the eclectic, sacred world music that World Meditation Ensemble provided.
World Meditation Ensemble is a unique and gifted performance ensemble. I look forward to their continued participation in future events."
Manuel C., Commissioner, Seattle Center
Public and Cultural Program Supervisor, Seattle Parks and Recreation

"Thank you for the beautiful musical space you provided. It was an incredible evening, and your music opened the door to the depth of energy we shared that night."

Jayne H., Event Promoter

"Your concert had a wonderful effect on the audience. It is a gift and real accomplishment to have learned how to evoke that presence in an audience. We are extremely appreciative of your contributions to our public programs."

Linda P, Librarian

"I loved all the sounds of nature which created a sense of serenity in me. I experienced a very deep sense of peace and felt relaxed and alert at the same time.? One of my friends said she 'went out-of-body.' I felt the connection with Spirit, and immersed in an ocean of Love, Peace and Joy."

Marian C, Energy Healer

"Lovely concert!

Delighted with Guest Artist! Amazing versatility on vocals."

Jo, DA, MD


"I loved this wonderful concert. It allowed me to enter a meditative space throughout. I came in with tension and worry and left happy and more relaxed. It was exactly how I'd love spending my evenings.
It was very nice to hear pieces from my culture and surprising too.

I thought you were wonderful! Actually I liked it so much that I invited my friends to the
concert Sunday at the Seattle Center.

I think that my soul loved the resonance that went under the music, to follow it,
while enjoying the melodies for my thinking mind.

I'd tell others: come and listen, expect nothing. I experienced an increased sense of inner peace. I can't wait to get the CD to experience it again at home! I love experiencing other spiritual music and my multi-cultural awareness was expanded. I particularly enjoyed the depth and variation of the music."

Seela, Programmer
"Your Monastery performance opened with particular enchantment - quietly tiptoeing through the audience ringing tiny bell and tingshas.? It created a magical ambience that persists in my memory. I never tire of hearing the singing bowls, drums, flute and so much more, but was also very taken with the clever illusions you folks created with sand and bubblewrap!
A big part of the charm your group exudes is its warmth and camaraderie, with each other as well as the audience. I'm glad WME is a non-profit group, so it isn't beholden to anyone. You're doing it simply because you love it, and it shines. You shine!
Kathryn has an uncanny empathy with each culture projected, as well as an extraordinary voice. Richard plays so many instruments I couldn't keep up with them all, and on percussion is totally amazing!"
Susan N, Senior Financial Analyst



"To experience the WME is a multi sensory experience. Visually, I was presented with a spectacular feast. Before the show even commenced I enjoyed gazing at the vast collection of instruments laid out in anticipation of the event. Imagine then, if you will, the visual interest during the show as the group interweave between them from harmonium to guitar to conch, tabla to synthesizer to gong, singing bowls to drum to bubble wrap - yes, you read correctly - bubble wrap and cellophane make an amazing sound effects for an open fire. I didn't know that, but WME does.

Whether they are transporting their audience to the native plains, Polynesian seashore or
the aboriginal bush, their imaginative creation of sound is enthralling to behold.

Choose to close your eyes and you will travel the world. Their music draws on an array of cultures, traversing borders and beliefs, in such a way one cannot help but be moved to appreciate the gift of diversity. Absorbing the music, I am led through alternate lifetimes in alternate lands. Memories or imagination, it is of little importance. Experience is the key. By taking the journey, my heart is energized, my soul uplifted.

In performing, WME aims to promote peace within and without. There are times during the concert where the inner strength behind the intention just shines through, in Kathryn's invocation to the native ancestors, the vibrant power of the drumming and chanting, Trini's unceasing smile that, although silent, speaks to the heart. Joseph's rich deep voice, the vocal arrangements, the meticulous delivery. These are all details that make the performance special for me.

While enjoying a WME performance my mind is not just opened to multi-cultural awareness. It is led beyond the diversity and reminded of the beauty of connectivity. With each performance they achieve their aim and bring peace to my heart."


Sue M., Remodeling Project Manager
"I truly enjoyed my experience Saturday night. I intend to be a follower of your music and encourage friends/acquaintances to join me.
I felt curious when I first came, seeing the myriad of instruments, a few familiar and many not familiar. The audience and 'place' energy was gentle, welcoming and intimate. When the music started I was filled with the vibrations blending rhythm and sound. I noticed my cheeks hurt at the end of the first set from smiling so much. I felt joy, happiness, a sense of being complete. The blending of music from all over the world, incorporating different religions and philosophies felt whole. I wonder what OTHER traditions/religions are out there.... I had thoughts of specific friends of different backgrounds as I listened to a piece that resembled their interests. There were a couple of pieces that my voice escaped me as I joined in song wanting the vibration to mingle with the group energy. Most pieces, my body moved to the rhythm. For a couple of pieces I was content to close my eyes and let the music come to me. For others I wanted to get up and dance. I ALMOST felt open enough to do just that....
There were times that my eyes were lead to the word peace and the candles at the front of the musicians. I sent a very purposeful intent out to the word for peace. Interesting that it was a natural thing to do, not planned or....hmmmm hard to explain....I felt love for the world, and wanted it to find what I was feeling
at your concert.
Thank you for the gift of your music.
By the way...the drummer was awesome....and the African piece was a particular favorite for me.
Thank you again for giving of yourself to a great purpose."
Bridget S., Civic Engineering and Energy Healer



March 31, 2005

To whom it may concern,


The World Meditation Ensemble has been performing spiritual concerts for Virupa Educational Institute, the educational branch of the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism for over five years. I have been the Virupa Educational Institute's director for over two years and have had the opportunity to engage The World Meditation Ensemble for five successful performances and have booked them for three future dates.


The ensemble has an outstanding repertoire of eclectic spiritual music and their musicians perform in a professional manner doing great honor to the compositions. Under the leadership of their director, the World Meditation Ensemble has captivated audiences at Sakya Monastery to the extent that attendees not only come to their performances again and again but also bring new people into their fold.


I can always count on the ensemble's appearance to play to a full house thus making them a welcome part in the monastery's fund raising events. I would be doing an injustice not to mention the effectiveness of the World Meditation Ensemble's successful publicity efforts. In conjunction with our own publicity program, together we utilize the internet, email, newspapers and other publications, Virupa's catalogues, mailing lists, distribution methods, posters, etc. to ensure the widest spread of information.


The best recommendation that I can put forward is of my personal experience
working and listening to the group.


Sincerely yours,

Murray Gordon

Director, Virupa Educational Institute



World Meditation Ensemble Testimonials