In the last 12 months, through providing musical services for fund raising,
and by direct donation, World Meditation Ensemble has financially benefited the following:

A Church Social Justice Fund

Another Church's Organ Fund

A Non-Denominational Spiritual Research Centre with roots back to the 1800's

Direct donation to SEVA for World Sight Day and second donation of funds from CD Sales


Inspired by SEVA's World Sight Day, which assisted those largely in the Eastern Hemisphere, we wanted to help LOCAL elderly, so we provided eyeglasses for those we came across who were having difficulty seeing, and had no other way of acquiring help to obtain eyeglasses.

Other services were donated to a nursing home and the Seattle Public Libraries.

Before that, WME members donated time and funding to various community programs such as the
Food Bank, American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and many others.

At public events, we have donated time and sometimes sponsored, along with organizations such as United Nations Association, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, Peace Action of Washington, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Peace Fellowship and the Union Gospel Mission.

We have donated time and services many times to the
Seattle Public Parks Department and memorial services.



 We perform, teach, and document sacred spiritual and meditational music for
the benefit of  ALL communities.


The sacred music we record is available and listened to world-wide. It is your support of these efforts that allow us to continue to produce concerts and recordings, and make donations of our services and funds to others. We appreciate your involvement and support.



BELOW: World Meditation Ensemble's Director donates musical services
to celebrate the community outreach of the Seattle Food Bank.



About the Mission of Seattle Food Bank


Feeding the Mind

The mission of the Food Bank is not just about food.
The Food Bank believes in caring for
families beyond the provision of needed groceries. They also provide
one on one tutoring which fosters academic growth and builds trusting relationships.


Feeding the Body

In one year, 409 tons of food were donated and distributed to 2028 individuals
by our local food banks.

Groceries were delivered to 91 seniors in their homes

In one year, there were 24,640 visits to the food bank (about 450 visits per week!)


Feeding the Soul

Parents are the primary teachers of their children.
The goal of Seattle's Food Bank is to provide free parenting classes to help families build a strong foundation
of skill that will enable them to be confident, capable, and collaborative in their parenting.


Children need to be well fed and healthy in order to succeed.
Seattle area Food Banks provide food for children and families, as well as support from
a nutritionist, and information to parents about how to access affordable health care.



WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE helped raise funds needed to help provide sight-restoring surgery to 2,000 more people by participating with direct donation and donating a portion of each CD sold during the campaign period to SEVA. Below, photos of one delighted nursing home resident when she received new glasses from the World Meditation Ensemble.







For many years, we have been honored to help fund the international activities of SEVA Foundation.  Visit the foundation's website www.seva.org to find out more about their extraordinary dedication to assisting people worldwide. Seva is a Sanskrit word for "service."  Our direct donations help SEVA in its mission to:



Support Talking Circles to Assist Native Americans Tackle Diabetes. (Native Americans have the highest of Diabetes on
the planet.)

Support Native American Water Rights

Protect Native American Sites

Preserve Native Language for Native American Youth

Support Winnebago tribal bison for Native Americans

Support community gardens for Native American communities



The majority (66%) of blind people are women.  Every minute a child goes blind.  The majority die within a few years of going blind.

Seva's programs include:

Finding and treating children and adults in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Tanzania and Tibet with low or no vision (annually, 66,000 go blind in Cambodia alone).

Restoring sight to the blind, with cataract operations.

Training and support for traditional healers and birth attendants

Training of Tibetan doctors and medical teams



Mexicans helping Mexicans:

Through partner Juntos Trabajando por la Verdad, recruitment, training and housing of Mexicans who wish to serve as volunteers in providing vital support to the indigenous communities of Chiapas.

Mayan midwives deliver babies under challenging conditions. In a program that is culturally appropriate and organized by Mayans, midwives receive courses in nutrition, pre and post natal care and birth complications.

The training combines traditional knowledge of plants and herbs as well as western medicines.

Many other programs include water systems for those that currently walk miles to find clean water in Chiapas, potable water delivery in the Peten region, materials for community projects of the Thirteen Holy Mountains area, establishing micro-enterprises in Chiapas.



Provide Clean, Healthy Water for Refugees in Guatemala

Training Indigenous People in Rural Guatemala to become Community Leaders

Make Literacy a Reality for Indigenous Women and Girls of Guatemala




tation Ensemble Community Servic