Spirit Fusion Concert, World Meditation Ensemble


Guest Artists have included:

Lama Kunga

Nada NagaShamanic Sound Healers of the Netherlands

Linda Khandro

Nawang Kechog,  Grammy Award Winning Tibetan Flautist

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"WME was definitely an inspiration for personal challenge and growth. The group gave me motivation to incorporate creativity with discipline and order. In my time with WME, I learned more about other cultures, religions and music than I ever have in any other time of my life. I am grateful for the unique opportunity I had to participate in such a dedicated group."

Many Blessings, Heather
Talent Agent and Former WME Member


"I have been a member of WME for over three years. Both my spiritual and musical tastes have always been eclectic so the group has been a good match for me. I have had an opportunity to use and polish skills I had well developed before joining the group - but it has also been exciting to have a chance to learn some entirely new instruments and styles. WME is a unique group that provides members with many opportunities to expand and grow their musical and spiritual horizons while performing at a variety of uplifting venues."

Musician and Land Baron


"When I started with WME I had decades of choral, solo, and musical theater experience, but no instrumental performance since high school. In three years I've not only added innumerable languages from Sanskrit to Coast Salish to Swahili to my vocal repertoire, I've performed on?multiple drums, harmonium, keyboard, tamboura, ocean drum, jaw harp, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and more other instruments than I can remember now. I can't think of any other venue that provides and supports such varied experience and learning.
The thing I most appreciate about my membership in WME, however, is the incredible honor and joy of representing spiritual traditions from all corners of the world in a forum dedicated to promoting peace both within and between people and cultures. Being part of World Meditation Ensemble has provided some of the the greatest challenges, growth, and creative rewards of my life, both musical and spiritual. I am eternally grateful for my time with WME and for all that director Richard and other ensemble members do to promote and provide performance opportunities for this truly unique and heart-filled ensemble."
Copywriter, Minister



"I was an original founding member. Upon the Lama's departure for studies abroad, Richard went on to transform both the original group and the musical style, resulting in the World Meditation Ensemble. WME still has the visual flavor of its origins, with hundreds of instruments arrayed before players on colorful rugs and cushions, but more importantly, it carries on the heart and hope that the music will inspire and connect with people of peace everywhere. WME's music draws more succinctly on chants and mantras of many cultures, thus the “World" emphasis. Improvisational soundscapes still invoke other places and states of mind. With more composition and arrangement, the music and the concerts have gained more structure and cohesion, and rehearsals for members are now regular and required. This has resulted in a group of performers who know each other's strengths and who can, literally, play to and off them. It has been a pleasure and a learning to be part of World Meditation Ensemble, I am grateful for my years with it."

Linda K.
Educator & Musician

Wation emble Artists