World Meditation Ensemble  SEEKS  VERSATILE MUSICIANS,
  We also welcome non-musical participation in Marketing,
Public Relations, Human Resources, Funding, Volunteer Co-ordination,
Administrative Assistance  and Technical Support.
Founded in 1999, World Meditation Ensemble, an independent non-sectarian,
interfaith musical group, promotes peace & multicultural appreciation by weaving
together exotic instruments, voices from world spiritual practices,
soundscapes of Nature, and original music.

WME performs at sacred and other sedate venues. Weekly services and rehearsals. 
Participants sing AND play instruments of many cultures and lands of the world.  
Versatile vocalists, talented melodic instrumentalists and others welcome
Preferred: experience in singing AND instrument(s)!


Visit our MUSIC page for links where
you can listen to us.


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The World Meditation Ensemble is an All-Volunteer Professional Musical Group. 
Membership in the organization is based upon successful audition & other factors. 
Completion of this form does not constitute acceptance in the organization. 
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World Meditation Ensemble 
1.  You will receive ongoing exposure to world sacred music on a variety of instruments and vocal approaches.
2. You are afforded the opportunity to incorporate and further your talents in a synergistic
ensemble actively promoting inner and outer peace.
3.  You will be able to create and perform for spiritually-oriented audiences in a wide variety of circumstances and locales,
including internationally as afforded by the internet.
4.  You have the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of other spiritually-oriented musicians and vocalists who sometimes
collaborate with other art forms.
5. Your efforts are professionally documented by WME's award-winning Director/Producer/Composer
and shared with many others in the future.
6. You will receive a gratis copy of any finished, published work produced of the ensemble. 
7. You have the opportunity to receive a written album credit, which can be helpful in your musical career,
and your Mom will like it :)
8. You have the opportunity to experiment with exotic instrument and vocal combinations on a
continuous basis (not just at a special event like a workshop).
9.  You receive the accolades and appreciation of audiences and meet new friends.
WORLD MEDITATION ENSEMBLE  has performed nearly 200 concerts  for audiences of up to 1200.
10.  You have the opportunity to perform where you otherwise wouldn't be able
to on your own (Monasteries, Benaroya Hall, Orcas Island, etc.)



How is a musical group able to continue this long (10 years!) without charging venues for its
performances and without outside sponsorship? Any donations received at the door of an event
WME has participated in are taken in by the church, venue, etc. The funds are used for
whatever the event is designed to benefit. Occasionally, some events elect to
give WME an honorarium to help defer expenses.


Initially, WME expenses were handled solely through the donation of time and resources by its Director.
Then an outside loan was secured, and paid back, from first CD sales and occasional small honorariums.
This enables the group to be currently self-sustaining from CD sales.
Self-sustaining means meeting expenses, which include no salaries or other financial compensation
to anyone, ever, and continuing to be able to release recordings.


This structure has enabled us to continue all these years without external sponsorship by any
religious group, government, or the like, so we can maintain our actual and ideological independence,
thereby providing a true work of “common spirit” rather than promoting any
sectarian, corporate or government agenda.


WME's Director:

 WME's Director has donated thousands of hours and has personally paid for many expenses of WME
over the years, without any financial gain to him - he has never been financially compensated.
It is his commitment to the promotion of world-wide peace that maintains us through thick and thin.


WME will continue to support, and perform for a limited number of benefit events.
However, to stay viable, we are also now charging for our performances in some situations.
No one – musicians, support staff, or Director - receives any financial compensation whatsoever,
as our endeavors are totally volunteer and not-for-profit.



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